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Black Jack Joker
Intergalactic board game

Black Jack Joker Intergalactic Board Game

Black Jack Joker is a roll and move board game using playing cards and dice.

It’s a fun game for all ages with various levels of difficulty.


The aim of the game is to beat the Black Joker and take his Golden Tokens.

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Playing Cards

Playing cards are used by the players as they roll the dice and move along the board.

The Black Jack Joker card is essential in the game as it is used to beat Black Jack.

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Joker Cards

The Joker cards are picked up when a Jester card instructs the player to do so.


There are five Black Joker cards and five Red Joker cards.


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Jester Cards

There are ten Jester cards of each colour. These cards are picked up when a player lands on the Pick Up corner. If a player is using a Blue Jester playing piece, they will pick up a Blue Jester card. Whichever coloured playing piece the player is using will determine which Jester card to pick up.

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Story Book cover
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Let's Play

This is a detailed instruction book for playing Black Jack Joker.


There is also a Quick Start Guide plus a How to Play page that help you learn as you play.


Anita Wdowiak lives with her husband Don in Cairns Far North Queensland. She started formulating the idea of the game Black Jack Joker, during the Covid-19 lockdown in early 2020. It took eighteen months of research and development.

Anita Wdowiak

Anita is formerly a teacher and has written and produced books and plays in the past. She first wrote a children’s musical called Katy the Magic Kangaroo.


Anita is passionate about health, and has written a book called Flush the Fat. She also wrote the book Queen of TV and Me after meeting Oprah Winfrey.

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This story is included in the game.


The Jester’s quest is to find the secret Golden Token mines ruled over by King Titan the Black Joker.



The Jesters are challenged on their journey by Black Jack, head of the Battallion of Card Keepers.



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First Release

The first release of Black Jack Joker consists of 100 games which are all individually numbered and priced.

They have a Certificate of Authenticity that is also individually numbered and personally signed by the creator Anita Wdowiak.


The certificate is foiled as are all the Golden Tokens.

Second Release

The second release of Black Jack Joker consists of 300 games.

They are identified with the gold sticker on the box stating that it is a second release of 300 games.


They are not individually numbered but they do have a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by the creator Anita Wdowiak.


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