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Game #80 of 100

Game #80 of 100




Limited Edition Game #80 of 100 of the Black Jack Joker Board Game



  • Number 8 is of significance to many cultures. In China eight is a similar sound for prosperity. It is also the symbol of harmony and balance, the ability to make decisions and symbolizes abundance and power.

    If an eight is turned sideways it is the symbol of infinity and 88 is used to mean countless or infinite numbers in Japanese culture.

    In Tarot the number 8 is the card for justice and strength and a lucky number for Capricorn. The number 88 in Tarot means double joy.

    Number 8 is considered incredibly lucky, because it is such an auspicious number. Many people will go out of their way to be assigned this number in their everyday life and make many decisions relating to number 8.

    In the catalogue, games numbered 8, 80 and 88 have been valued highly because of the significance to anyone who bids on one of these games. They are also special in the fact that some of the printed aspects of the game has been done in gold foil to enhance the value and significance of these numbers. Game number 1 has also been done in gold foil.

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