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Black Jack Joker Intergalactic Board Game

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Get your Special Edition


The second release of Black Jack Joker consists of 300 games.

They each have a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by the creator Anita Wdowiak.

Second Release

Black Jack Joker Intergalactic Board Game

Black Jack Joker Board Game

First Release

Individually Priced

First Release

The first release of 100 games of Black Jack Joker is extra special.

They are all individually numbered and priced.

The Golden Token cards are gold foiled as is the Certificate of Authenticity.


Each Certificate of Authenticity is individually numbered and personally signed by the creator of the game Anita Wdowiak.


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Book & Figurines

The book Black Joker and the Quest for the Golden Tokens is an epic intergalactic adventure that kids will love! It is an exciting and colourful book.

The characters can also be purchased as figurines. They can be purchased individually or as a set.

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